About us

RHOMBUS Global Consulting is a consultancy in financial services which was born in the year 2003 by the hand of professionals with extensive experience in the Corporate and Private Banking, whose main aim is to offer the client a global wealth advisory service, independent and custom.

Our Services

Global Consulting

Our total independence to advise and recommend to the client what is best in each moment, while we are also in constant supervisor of financial institutions.

Corporate & Venture Capital

We have a department specialized in Corporate Finance advice to investors and shareholders for the planning of investment projects, mergers, acquisitions and valuations.

Real estate and financing

We have a team specialized in real estate “Off Market”. We carry out feasibility studies in both the sale and purchase of properties. We operate with products that are not in the market, being unique, exclusive and without intermediaries.

Rhombus philosophy

Our four pillars

We are independent and external advisors, we advise and counsel our clients, are the ones who take the final decision.


After an analysis of each customer on a case-by-case basis, we adapt the strategy, always maintaining the basic principle of preservation of capital.

Personalized treatment

Every customer has their particular needs and problems and each of these has a concrete solution, differentiated and individualized.


The client knows at all times what has, as it has and that performance is giving you, being the owner at the end of their decisions.



From Rhombus we have created ICEBERG is a new service that optimizes the securities portfolio, in order to avoid abusive commissions to the profitability of the investment funds with total transparency and knowing what they charge you at every moment.

We are so confident in what we do than the previous study is completely free while ensuring customer savings by hiring our services.

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