Multi family office

Advice and patrimonial strategy

We advise our clients individually, adapting the strategy to their specific profile and maintaining the principle of capital protection.

Multi family office

The implementation of Famaily Office allows our clients to better organize their global assets (real estate, financial and business), as well as greater control and supervision.

Strategy and porfolio management

Each client has their needs and particular problems and each of them has a concrete, differentiated and individualized solution.

Private banking and comercial

The client knows at all times what has, as it has and that performance is giving you, being the owner at the end of their decisions.

Real estate y financiación

Negotiation of Real State operations “off market”

We have a team specialized in real estate “Off Market”. We advise on the purchase and sale of property of our customers.

Management and advice

At RHOMBUS we advise our clients in the purchase and sale of commercial premises, buildings, offices, hotels, etc.. performing the corresponding valuations. We operate with products that are not in the market, being unique, exclusive and without intermediaries.

Business Plan Elaboration

We evaluate and study the feasibility of the projects to assess the profitability of these and deliver projects according to the needs of the customer.

Financing Research

We negotiated with the various banks to get adequate funding to the client’s project and with the best conditions of the market.

Corporate y Venture Capital

Corporate finance, venture capital, start ups

Our team of Venture Capital and Risk Capital is dedicated to promote the business development of new business ideas by offering our knowledge and assistance throughout the entire process of launch and deployment.

Business advice,mergers and valuations

We have a Corporate Finance department specialized in advising investors and shareholders in investment operations, mergers, acquisitions, ratings and sale of companies.

Development of financial ways

We are looking for and we got funding for ambitious business projects and with great fruit but lack of investment to grow. We Finance Start-ups and we are looking for investors for the project.

Reclamaciones bancarias


We do a previous study without cost to our customers. We calculate the savings in mortgage payments.

We work on all the process

We take care of all the procedure without having to worry about.

100% guarantee of success

We offer a 100% guarantee of success to our clients. We eliminate the clause ground of all entities.

Expirience guarantee

We offer you the support of a team of professionals with proven experience.