Business plan

If you want to relaunch your company, open a business, reorient your professional activity or simply doubt what path to take at a business level, the RHOMBUS team is your perfect partner to help you prepare a business plan.

Having a business plan is important because it helps you know which path to take. But a business plan can not be an inflexible document to be strictly followed, which is why the RHOMBUS team is always by your side.

A business plan is a strategic plan that sets objectives and outlines lines of work. It is essential to achieving success in many situations: such as the adaptation of a company to proceed with a subsequent merger, preparing for a sale process or capital increase and even carrying out the incorporation of a strategic partner to help you grow and enter new markets.

Likewise, the best strategy for entering a new market is through the search of investment partners. The search for partners is fundamental when it comes to ensuring the success of one’s company.

Services of the business plan area


    • Setting a course, having a Corporate strategy is essential. We work on a business plan that allows the company or start-up to seek financing, prepare for auditting processes, grow and/or the entry of new partners.
    • Financing cannot be a problem: at RHOMBUS we take care of preparing everything necessary so that the process of accessing financing is a success. Likewise, we are involved in seeking resources in conventional channels such as banks, as well as more innovative systems and venture capital. We have experience in preparing documentation and managing national and European subsidies, such as Next Generation funds, and also in raising capital for companies or investors. The analysis work that we carry out allows us to set financing objectives and the potential of the resources to be raised.
    • What is the starting point of a company? We prepare credible business valuation reports for our clients looking to sell or find out the current value of their business.

Mergers and Acquisitions | M&A

Our team understands that the process of merging or buying a company is complex and full of ups and downs. Having a good strategy, setting goals and basing ambition on real data, work and preparation is the RHOMBUS formula.

Purchasing and Selling Companies

  • Lead acquisition
    • We act as a radar for capturing interesting companies due to their positioning or market potential.
  • We collect information
    • Preparation of the blind teaser that explains the company’s main topics anonymously and thus offers a first glance to potential buyers.
  • Information Memorandum
    • We collect descriptive data about the company, such as sales and all historical financial information about the company.
  • We prepare the business plan and evaluate the projection of the resulting company.
  • Once the company for sale has been analyzed, RHOMBUS is in charge of contacting potential buyers who match the description of the company for sale.


Alex Tarrago és Financial Services Consultant a RHOMBUS Global Consulting. Especialitzat en CORPORATE y M&A, ha desenvolupat una gran capacitat matemàtica i empresarial gràcies als estudis d’especialització en aquestes àrees