It is very expensive to have a global financial adviser?

In the big majority of the cases no only is not expensive but it results very economic since, between our functions, are the ones of minoración and reduction of unnecessary banking costs. This active management does that the customer obtain a greater profitability in his investments that cover with grow our cost.

It is RHOMBUS a bank?

No, RHOMBUS is a skilled financial consulting in the independent advice. Our aim is to advise to the customer to achieve his maximum interest without being due to us any bank. We will look for in each case the best option for our customer.

It is RHOMBUS a correduría of insurances?

No, but like global consulting that are have access to insurance products of first level of the most solvent and prestigious companies of insurances. We will look for the safe that more suit to our customer.

The global financial advisers are only for big heritages?

Categorically no. It exists the false belief that only the big heritages can have a financial adviser. As it has showed  in the last times, the figure of financial adviser is indispensable for any type of heritage.

With RHOMBUS will have my savings inmovilizados in front of an emergency?

No. They do not like us the long terms, one of the maximum of RHOMBUS is to have the always available capital in front of any eventuality.

I need to do liquid my real-estate heritage, can help me RHOMBUS?

Himself, will find him the best solution already was looking for a buyer or different alternative in each case.

I do not understand the documentation that commands me my bank will be able to clear me with RHOMBUS?

Himself. We are conscious that the greater part of the banking entities send a lot of and often complicated documentation to his customers, therefore in RHOMBUS send a simple quarterly extract unified with the whole of the investments of our customers so that they can clear with ease. Also we send annual extracts indicating clearly what there was, what has generated  and the expenses that have been able to have in the exercise.

I look for businesses in profitability, can RHOMBUS help me?

Himself, have a skilled department in this type of investments that will find opportunities to satisfy his needs.

I need to sort out in my investments and know really what me rentan every year, can RHOMBUS help me?

Himself, the first that do always is a global audit of our customers to order his subjects and know where are. Once already it is  customer of RHOMBUS send simple quarterly extracts unified and annual extracts indicating what there was, what has generated  and the expenses of the exercise.

Has RHOMBUS a very aggressive strategy?

RHOMBUS Creates personalised strategies for each customer in function of his profile, of his interests and of his expectation of profitability, but in no case will advise strategies with high risk. Our maximum is the security and the preservation of capital.

I can be customer of RHOMBUS although there is not office in my city?

Himself, give an integral service in any part of the world.

I want to open account in private banking but say me that by my profile can not, can RHOMBUS help me?

Himself, thanks to RHOMBUS will have access to the best and more solvent banks and agents of the world.

Has RHOMBUS own products?

No, RHOMBUS does not have own products, always look for the best for our customers.

It will be my money deposited in RHOMBUS?

No, his money always will be deposited in accounts to his name in solvent banking entities. RHOMBUS Will not have form to be able to access to him.

It can RHOMBUS help me to find the Plan of Pensions that more interests me?

Himself, have access to the best Plans of Pensions of the market. We will look for the one who more adapt  to his needs.

What happens if what recommends me RHOMBUS is not of my like?

We will advise him but the last word always will be his.

It can RHOMBUS help me to mount or move a SICAV?

Himself, will commission us to mount his SICAV and if it wishes to move it also will commission us.

I need a safe of saving investment and an Income Vitalicia, can help me RHOMBUS?

Himself, will look for for you the best products of saving investment of the market.

Have quite money but no the sufficient to mount a SICAV or a Family Office, can RHOMBUS help me?

Himself, in RHOMBUS think that no only the big fortunes have right to a professional advice.

It can RHOMBUS help me to schedule my will?

Himself, in RHOMBUS have professional devoted to this that they will help him to schedule a will to measure.

It can RHOMBUS help me to resolve a fiscal financial problem?

Himself, for us the profitability and the fiscalidad go of the hand.

It can RHOMBUS help me to find finance for me or for my company?

Himself, will look for the finance that you needs with the best conditions.

It can RHOMBUS help me to buy or sell a real estate?

Himself, will achieve him buyer to his real estate or will sell him his.

I need a partner for my business, can RHOMBUS help me to achieve it?

Himself, will find him capitalist or industrial partner through our department of Venture Main.

Have an idea of business, can RHOMBUS help me to look for finance?

Himself, one of our strong is the research of finance for startups through our department of Venture Main and his contacts with business angels?, investors and investment funds that look for new ideas.

Have a pile of insurances but do not know in reality how am, can help me RHOMBUS?

Himself, will sort out him and will find him the safe ideal for each occasion.