Financing for Companies

The Corporate Financing division of RHOMBUS is specialized in:

  • Investment operations
  • Real Estate development financing
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Advice to investors and shareholders
  • Valuations and M&A operations
  • Preparation of business plans

RHOMBUS conceives business plans as concrete tools to evaluate and study the feasibility of business projects with the aim of assessing their profitability.

RHOMBUS offers solutions in internationalization processes, opening of new market areas or anything else which may arise from the execution of a business plan.

Corporate financing operations are also becoming more frequent since companies must face significant investments to be competitive and successfully address the challenges that the market poses.

Corporate Financing Division

Our corporate Financing department is aware of the constant evolution of technology.

In addition, it contemplates the growing demands at the regulatory level in environmental and sustainability matters, as well as transparency, forcing companies to capitalize without compromising the resources for the daily management of the firm.

At RHOMBUS we have been pioneers and that is why today we are experts in corporate financing processes outside the traditional banking sphere, seeking that the rating of the companies are not compromised.

We offer our clients medium and long-term financing plans that allow them to maintain control of the shareholding and management of the company without bearing financial burdens that hinder its progress.

RHOMBUS operates in the main Spanish financial and business centers such as Madrid and Barcelona. RHOMBUS is also very attentive to emerging cities in terms of opportunities such as Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao or Zaragoza.

We are aware that corporate finance processes are not only used to address company growth plans, but also in the field of restructuring, where we help raise capital to face viability and company restructuring processes.

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Corporate Finance Process

  • Assessment of financing need
  • Financial partners search
  1. Banking
  2. Funds
  • Negotiation of investment conditions
  1. Term of the investment
  2. Entry or not in the shareholding
  • Carrying out market analysis
  • Restructuring plans
  • Financing rounds