At RHOMBUS we are experts in the M&A of both large companies and SMEs.

We are aware that the sale of an SME is the most important operation that a businessperson or an entrepreneur can carry out throughout their professional career.

We treat each sale and acquisition process individually, respecting the confidentiality of the process and the seller’s instructions.

Our fundamental guarantee is that those responsible for the corporate area of RHOMBUS have been entrepreneurs and businessmen, so they know firsthand how much is at stake.

Our country is very dynamic businesswise, full of entrepreneurs and opportunities. For this reason we operate throughout the national territory, helping large companies and SMEs in Madrid and Barcelona as well as in other cities in Spain.

We attach special importance to guaranteeing the financing of the purchase so that negotiation processes don’t break down due to financial reasons once the most difficult part has been reached, an agreement on the fundamental aspects of the company’s sale and purchase negotiation.

M&A Operations of Companies

The majority of M&A transactions in Spain are SMEs, given that 95% of the business fabric of our country is made up of small and medium-sized companies. Many of these SMEs, especially in Barcelona, are family owned businesses.

With a business industry as fragmented as the Spanish one, at RHOMBUS we know that the value of a company is not in its size but in its team, in its potential for growth and expansion, in its product, in the service it offers and in their experience.

The companies that trust us know that the M&A process is also an exercise in organizational improvement and competitiveness.

At RHOMBUS we execute personalized M&A processes because we are aware that it is not the same thing to finance a sale operation of a company with a turnover of 5 million euros than one of 75 million euros.

For this reason we have a network of partners both in the banking system and in investment funds. For each operation that we carry out, we have a suitable financing model for it.

Specialized and personalized services for M&A


  1. We identify investment options
  2. Mergers – A Good purchasing plan and attention to detail for both businesses.
  3. Valuation advice.
  4. Trading Strategy.


  1. We help our clients in the process of selling their companies with a comprehensive vision after an analysis of their company.
  2. We execute the sales process ensuring compliance with the agreed conditions.