RHOMBUS Services

At RHOMBUS Global Consulting we do not sell any financial product nor do we have any agreement with any entity. Our job is to study the market and find the financial solution that best suits the needs of our clients.


RHOMBUS Global Consulting, the financial consultancy and advisory firm whose main objective is to offer the client a global, independent and personalised advisory service provided by professionals with extensive experience in Private and Corporate Banking.


At RHOMBUS Global Consulting we are experts in the M&A of both large companies and SMEs. We are aware that the sale of an SME is the most important operation that a businessperson or an entrepreneur can carry out throughout their professional career.

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At RHOMBUS Global Consulting we have been pioneers and that is why today we are experts in corporate financing processes outside the traditional banking sphere, seeking that the rating of the companies are not compromised.

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RHOMBUS REAL ESTATE operates arround all Spain and neighboring countries such as Portugal, Andorra, France or Morocco. We advise both on the purchase and sale of all kind of assets, we’re specialists in “Off-Market” operations, Retail and properties in profitability.

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Te ofrecemos un servicio personalizado y completo de consultoría financiera y patrimonial con un enfoque independiente y libre de conflictos de intereses. Tenemos en cuenta las diferentes necesidades, desde la planificación patrimonial, financiera y fiscal, hasta las propias soluciones de inversión.

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If you want to relaunch your company, open a business, reorient your professional activity or simply doubt what path to take at a business level, the RHOMBUS Global Consulting team is your perfect partner to help you prepare a business plan.

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Nuestro equipo de Venture Capital y Capital Riesgo se dedica a impulsar el desarrollo empresarial de nuevas ideas de negocio ofreciendo nuestro conocimiento y ayuda a lo largo de todo el proceso de lanzamiento e implementación.

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