We do not sell any financial product nor do we have any agreement with any entity. Our job is to study the market and find the financial solution that best suits the needs of our Clients.

Business Advice And Business Plan Elaboration

We evaluate and study the feasibility of the projects to assess the profitability of these and deliver projects according to the needs of the customer.
We have a Corporate Finance department specialized in advising investors and shareholders in investment operations, mergers, acquisitions, ratings and sale of companies.

Negotiation Of Real State Operations “Off Market”

We have a team specialized in real estate “Off Market”. We advise on the purchase and sale of property of our customers.

Development Of Financial Ways

We seek and obtain financing for those ambitious business projects with great fruit that lack the investment to grow. We finance Startups and look for investors for the project.

Corporate Finance, Search For Financing, Mergers And Valuations. Direct Lending

At Rhombus we advise and put all our effort into negotiating the most suitable conditions for each operation. We negotiate with the different banks to obtain adequate financing for the client’s project and with the best market conditions.

Venture Capital And Startups

Our Venture Capital team is dedicated to driving the business development of new business ideas by offering our knowledge and assistance throughout the launch and implementation process.

Advice And Equity Strategy

As independent advisers, we advise our clients in a particular way, adapting the strategy to their specific profile and maintaining the principle of capital protection.

Multi Family Office

The implementation of Family Office allows our clients to better organize their global assets (real estate, financial and business), as well as greater control and supervision.